Six Awesome Things to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the beautiful capital of Denmark, is filled with plenty of tourist attractions and sights. If you have booked one of the best apartments Copenhagen holiday rental, it is time to know what you can explore there.  If you are travelling to the capital for your holiday, here is a guide for things to do and see there:

Climb Up to the Top of the Round Tower

The Round Tower is Europe’s oldest functioning observatory. Your visit there involves walking along the spiral path, which is about 200 metres long, up to the top of the 36- metre tower. From the top, you get to enjoy amazing views of the capital’s old part, the main sights of the city, and narrow seaside streets.

Take a Walk Along the Nyhavn

Nyhavn is an old harbor crowded with people spending time in cozy cafes and classy restaurants. This is where you can take photos of beautifully renovated 18th-century homes. Both locals and tourists flock to this tourist spot so make sure you arrive early. As you scroll along the harbor, you can find the Memorial Anchor at its end that commemorates the fallen World War II soldiers.

Visit the National Museum

The National Museum of Denmark exhibits a fantastic collection of artifacts from the Viking Age. This is where you can find the preserved remains of the Huldremose Woman that dated back to the 1st century. You can find the museum in the Prince’s Palace. While the Royal Family does not use it anymore, it retains its admirable design, furniture, and architecture.

Go to the Amalienborg Palace

The palace is the home of the Danish royal family. It is made of 4 identical buildings. When you visit the palace at noon, you can observe the changing of the Royal Guard. You can learn more about the lives of recent royalty in Denmark when you visit the Amalienborg Museum.

Discover the Beauty there is at Dyrehavsbakken

Dyrehavsbakken is the oldest amusement park in the world opened in 1583. You can find it in Jægersborg Dyrehave, which is 10 kilometres from Copenhagen. The park offers over 30 adventurous and exciting rides with Rutschebanen being the most famous. Also, the amusement park provides quiet spots for people who want to spend time relaxing and snacking.

Have a Great at the Amager Beach

Amager Beach is an artificial island. The two-kilometre beach has a part with shallow water where families with small children spend great times in. The other parts of the island are dunes, forming huge sandy beaches. Don’t miss the lagoon to relax on the beach or engage in various sports activities.

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